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THANZ Medal Winners

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2023 THANZ Medal Winner: Yvonne Kong (University of Sydney, NSW)
Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress activation determines megakaryocyte and platelet ER chaperone distribution


Below: Yvonne receiving her award from THANZ prpesident, Chee Wee Tan

2023 THANZ Medal Runners Up

  • Marc Ellis (The Heart Research Institute, NSW):GPIb-FilaminA interaction regulates megakaryocyte localization and budding during platelet biogenesis
  • Abbey Willcox (ACBD, Monash University, Vic): Endothelial-Targeted CD39 Ameliorates Acute Endothelial Toxin-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension in a Murine Model

2022 THANZ Medal Winner: Natasha Lee (Monash University, Vic)
Development of targeted CD39 as a therapy of stroke


Natasha with her Medal and certificate

2022 THANZ Medal Runners Up

  • Christine Lee (ANZAC Research Institute, NSW): Procoagulant platelet assay for the diagnosis and monitoring of platelet-activating antibodies in vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) – Australian cohort
  • Yvonne Kong (Heart Research Institute, NSW): High sensitivity proteomics identifies a platelet ER stress response in type 2 diabetes mellitus

2021 THANZ Medal Winner: Sonali Gnanenthiran (Concord Hospital, NSW)
Identification of a distinct platelet phenotype in the elderly: ADP hypersensitivity co-exists with platelet protease-activated-receptor (PAR)-1 and PAR-4 mediated thrombin resistance


Sonali with her medal and certificate

2021 THANZ Medal Runners Up

  • Jiayin Tian (WACTH, Murdoch University): Oestrogen-Responsive miR-365a-3p and miR-548aa Expression is Increased in Whole Blood From Females on Hormone Based Contraceptives and During Pregnancy
  • Silvia Zheng (UNSW, NSW): Anti-platelet Antibody’s Differential Impact in ITP

2019 THANZ Medal Winner: Omar Elaskalani (Murdoch University, WA)
Ticagrelor; an antiplatelet agent, potentiates the anticancer activity of gemcitabine in pancreatic cancer in vitro and in vivo


Omar with his medal and certificate

2019 THANZ Medal Runners Up

  • Amandeep Kaur (ANU, ACT): The ribosomal biogenesis inhibitor CX5461 is an anti-cancer therapeutic that increases platelet count in mice and in humans
  • Silvia Zheng (UNSW, NSW): Anti-αIIbβIII autoantibodies induce platelet desialylation in immune thrombocytopenia

2018 THANZ Medal Winner: Maria Selvadurai (Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, Vic)
Targeting the platelet internal membrane reveals a novel approach for improved anti-platelet therapies.


2018 THANZ Medal Runners Up

  • Charithani Keragala (Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, Vic): Fibrinolysis and innate immunity at play:Complement C5a receptor inhibitoin reduces tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) and plasminogen (PIg)-induced blood brain barrier (BBB) opening in vitro
  • James McFadyen (Alfred Hospital, Vic): Compression force sensing regulates integrin αllβ3 adhesive function on diabetic platelets

2017 THANZ Medal Winner: Morgane Bourcy (ANZAC Research Institute): Demonstrating GPIbα-thrombin interaction in procoagulant platelet formation leads to identification of potential specific inhibitors


Morgane receiving her medal and certificate

2017 THANZ Medal Runners Up

  • Jiayin Tian (Western Australia Centre for Thrombosis and Haemostasis (WACTH) Murdoch University): Identification of two oestrogen-sensitive microRNAs as direct inhibitors for tissue factor and factor VIII genes
  • Samantha Montague (The Australian National University, ACT): Fibrin-mediated GPVI shedding in patients with trauma or inflammation

2016 THANZ Medal Winner: Dr Jasmine Tay (Western Australia Centre for Thrombosis and Haemostasis (WACTH) Murdoch University)


Jasmine receiving her certificate from Harshal

2016 THANZ Medal Runners Up

  • Jim Tiao (Western Australia Centre for Thrombosis and Haemostasis): Improving microangiopathic thrombocytopenia(MAT) diagnosis in the Asia-Pacific region by standardisation of the ADAMTS-13 assay
  • David Rabbolini (North Shore Hospital, NSW): Platelet development and bleeding phenotype is altered with mutation in different zinc finger domains of the GFI1B transcription factor

2015 THANZ Medal Wiinner: David Rabbolini (North Shore Hospital, NSW)
David at work with his THANZ Medal. David had already left HAA when his award was announced

2015 THANZ Medal Runners up:

  • Danielle Blunt (SA Patholgy): Anticoagulation Reversal and Outcomes in Warfarin-associated intracranial Haemorrhage
  • Shauna French (Australian Centre for Blood Disease): Inhibition of the Platelet Thrombin Receptor, PAR4, impairs platelet procoagulant function and is sufficient to provide an anti-thrombotic effect in human blood

2014 THANZ Medal Winner: Justin Hamilton (Monash University, Vic)
Justin received the THANZ Medal from Jenny Curnow

2014 THANZ Medal Runners Up

  • James McFayden (Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, Vic) Tractopads: Novel platelet membrane anchors promoting platelet-endothelial interactions and thrombo-inflammation
  • Jasmine Tay (Murdoch University, WA) miR-494 regulates multiple factors in the coagulation pathway

2013 THANZ Medal Winner: Minh Hua (Lowy Cancer Research Centre, NSW)
Abstract by Minh Hua
Below: Minh Hua receiving the THANZ Medal from Huyen Tran

2013 THANZ Medal Runners up

  • James McFayden (Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, Vic) Tractopods Are Novel Platelet Glycoprotein IIbIIIa Dependent Adhesion Structures That Are Dysregulated in Diabetes and Chronic Oxidative Stress
  • Louise Seymour (Princess Alexandra Hospital, Qld) The KIR2DS5 GenotypeConfers protection Against Adult Immune Thrombocytopenia

2012 THANZ Medal Winner: Zane Kaplan (Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, Vic)
Below: Zane Kaplan receiving the 2012 THANZ medal from Huyen Tran

2012 THANZ Medal Runners up

  • Minh Hua (Lowy Cancer Research Centre, NSW) Cell Death Imager-1 Ligands in Apoptotic Platelets
  • Ashley Ng (Walter & Eliza Hall Institute, Vic) Elucidation of Lineage Potential of Murine Progenitor Populations: Identification of Thrombopoietin Responsive Bipotemtial Progenitors

2011 THANZ Medal Winner: Tim Ganderton (Lowy Cancer Research Centre, NSW)
Below: Tim Ganderton receiving the 2011 THANZ Medal from Chris Ward

2011 THANZ Medal Runners up

  • Noel Chan (Monash Medical Centre, Vic): A Two-Centre (AUS-NZ) Retrospective Audit of Pregnancy Related Venous Thromboembolism (VTE): Failure of Current Guideline to Identify at Risk Patients in the Postpartum Period
  • Jian-Lin Qiao (Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, Vic): Analysis of Platelet Receptor Expression in ITP

2010 THANZ Medal Winner: Mark Bishton (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Vic)
Below: Mark Bishton receiving the 2010 THANZ Medal from President, Claire McLintock

2010 THANZ Medal Runners up

  • Reanu Gopal (Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, SA): Thrombin Generation in Mild and Moderate Haemophilia A
  • Marc Ramsperger (Canterbury District health Board, NZ): Molecular characterisation of the immune response to Factor VIII (FVIII) in haemophilia A patients

2009 THANZ Medal winner: Mohamad Al-Tamimi (Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, Vic)
Below: Mohamad Al-Tamimi receiving the 2009 THANZ Medal from out going President, Chris Ward

2009 THANZ Medal Runners up

  • Chee Wee Tan (Northern Blood Research Centre, NSW): Lepirudin Use and Laboratory Monitoring in Patients on Chronic Haemodialysis with a history of Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT)
  • Huy Tran (Alfred Pathology Service, Vic): Thrombin Generation and Vitamin K Dependent Procoagulant Factors in Warfarinised Adult Patients

2008 THANZ Medal winner: Elizabeth Gardiner (Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, Vic)
Below: Elizabeth Gardiner receiving the 2008 THANZ Medal from Chris Ward

2008 THANZ Medal runners up

  • Kate Burbury (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Vic): Warfarin reversal for elective surgical procedures, using low dose intravenous vitamin K: impact on vitamin K-dependant factor levels
  • Claire McLintock (University of Auckland, NZ): Pregnancy outcome in women with mechanical heart valves treated with enoxaparin

2007 THANZ Medal winner: Simone Schoenwaelder (Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, Vic)
Below: Simone Schoenwaelder receiving the 2007 THANZ Medal from Chris Ward

2007 THANZ Medal runners up

  • Kate Burbury (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Vic): Plasma Cell Myeloma Immunophenotype Differs in Patients Receiving Biological Agents
  • David Connor (St Vincents Hospital & University of NSW, NSW): Phospholipid- dependant Procoagulant Activity of Platelet-derived Microparticles is Restricted to the Annexin V Binding Subpopulation

2006 THANZ Medal winner: Jennifer Curnow (Northern Blood Research Centre, NSW)
Below: Mark Smith with 2006 THANZ Medal winner Jennifer Curnow

2005 Astra Zeneca Medal winner: Vivien Chen (University of New South Wales)
Below: Vivian Chen receiving her prize from Glen Pater, Medical Director of AstraZeneca in Australia

2005 AstraZeneca Medal runners up

  • Vanessa Cole (Royal Perth Hospital, WA): Genetic confirmation of protein S deficiency
  • HPH Liang (Northern Blood Research Centre, NSW): A common ancestral glycoprotein (GP) IX gene mutation (ASN45SER) causes Bernard – Soulier Syndrome (BSS) in european families from Northern Europe and Australia

2004 AstraZeneca Medal winner: Quintin Hughes (University of WA/ Royal Perth Hospital)
Oestrogen regulation of the anti – coagulant Protein S
Below: Linda Williams from AstraZeneca presenting Quintin Hughes with his award.

2004 AstraZeneca Medal runners up

  • Jennifer Curnow (Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW): Identifying hyper – coaguable states with a simple global coagulation assay: the overall coagulation potential
  • Scott Dunkley (Prince of Wales Hospital, NSW): Tirofiban induced thrombocytopenia is associated with drug dependent antibodies that cause platelet activation and increased ischaemis events

2003 AstraZeneca Medal winner: Laura Young (Auckland Hospital, NZ)

2003 AstraZeneca Medal runners up

  • John Pimanda (Centre for Thrombosis and Vascular Research, NSW)
  • Murray Adams (Curtin University, WA)

2002 AstraZeneca Medal winner: John Primanda (Centre for Thrombosis and Vascular Research)

2002 AstraZeneca Medal runners up

  • Parisa Asvadi (St George Hospital, NSW)
  • Janelle Staton (Royal Perth Hospital, WA)

2001 THANZ Medal winner: Warwick Nesbitt (Box Hill Hospital, VIC)

2001 THANZ Medal runners up

  • Tim Brighton (SEALS, NSW)
  • Simone Schoenwaelder (Box Hill Hospital, VIC)

2000 THANZ Medal winner: Michael Eisbacher (Centre for Thrombosis and Vascular Reseach, NSW)

2000 THANZ Medal runners up

  • Matthew Linden (University of Western Australia, WA)
  • Joanne Joseph (St Vincent’s Hospital, NSW)

1999 THANZ Medal winner: Melissa Holmes (POWRI, NSW)

1999 THANZ Medal runners up

  • Suhasini Kulkarni (Box Hill Hospital, VIC)
  • Sasha Tait (POWH, NSW)

1998 THANZ Medal winner: Chris Ward (Medlab Ltd, NZ)

1998 THANZ Medal runners up

  • Julie Dean (New Children’s Hospital, NSW)
  • Joanne Joseph (UMDS, UK)

1997 THANZ Medal winner: Janine Campbell (Box Hill Hospital, VIC)

1997 THANZ Medal runners up

  • Joanne Apolloni (QE Hospital, SA)
  • Janette Burgess (POWRI, NSW)

1996 THANZ Medal winner: Philip Hogg (POWRI, NSW)

1996 THANZ Medal runners up

  • David Facey (Westmead Hospital, NSW)
  • Shaun Jackson (Box Hill Hospital, VIC)
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