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THANZ Workshop 2019

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Presentations from 2019 will be available after the Workshop

Workshop booklet

Joseph Rigano- Evaluation of DOAC Stop to eliminate the interference of DOAC on Thrombophilia Assays

Nora Lee- Cancer and Thrombosis in GI and Lung Malignancy

Freda Passam- Use of microfluidic chips in Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Lisa Kaminskis- Case Study – The Big M

Dianne Lovelock- Acquired Haemophila A – A laboratory perspective

John Balendra- Case Study – FV

Paul Zerafa- Case Study-FXIII

Midori Shima- The Impact of Clot Wave Analysis for Diagnosis and Treatment of Haemophilia (abridged)

Liane Khoo- Short and Long acting FVIII (abridged)

Stephanie P’ng- The Use of ROTEM and CAT to monitor new thérapies

Matthew Linden- Platelet Function in non-severe burns injury

Yusra Harahsheh- Utility of OpenArray platform for determining differences in microRNA expression profiles in critically ill coagulopathic patients with and without onset of thromboembolism

Jenny Curnow- Thrombosis and Haemostasis in Acute Care Unit of Study, University of Sydney

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