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THANZ Workshop 2018

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Presentations from 2018

Workshop Booklet

Chuen Wen Tan- Clotwave Analysis

Vivien Chen- New Assays for Procoagulant Platelets

Sara Ng- The Coagulopathy of Liver Disease assessed by ROTEM and CAT

Emma Jones- Perrin- Taking a look at routine aPTT data (not available)

Nora Lee- Haemostatic testing in Cancer (not available)

Hui Yin Lim- Global Assays in Thrombosis

Joanne Beggs- Case Study

Wolfram Ruf- Changing Views of TF initiated Coagulation; Implications for Haemophilia therapy and thrombosis

Jiayin Tian- TF and Oestrogen (not available)

Paul Ellery- TFPI and FV short

Mitchell Bulluss- TFPI and autoimmunity (not available)

Emma Zadow- Influence of travel, marathon running and compression socks on haemostatic activation

Mark Rane- Paediatric Mixed Bag -Case Study

Tina Pham- Registration for Medical Scientists

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