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THANZ Travel Grant Winners

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2023 THANZ International Travel Grant

  • Jialin Qiao (Xuzhou Medical University, China)- MTH1 protects platelet mitochondria from oxidative damage and is essential for GPCR-dependent platelet function and thrombosis
    Jialin recieving his certificate from THAN Z Prpesident, Chee Wee Tan

2023 THANZ Travel Grant Winners

  • Marc Ellis (John Lloyd Travel Grant) – GPIb-FilaminA interaction regulates megakaryocyte localization and budding during platelet biogenesis
  • Yvonne Kong – Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress activation determines megakaryocyte and platelet ER chaperone distribution.
  • Rowena Brook – Spontaneous bleeding in chronic kidney disease patients – global coagulation assays may be predictive of bleeding risk.
  • Joanne So – Venous anomalies – an under-recognised but important cause of venous thromboembolism (VTE)
  • David Capraro – Investigating the bidirectional interactions between platelets and colorectal cancer and the effects of aspirin
  • Caroline Reddel – Age-related changes in overall haemostatic potential

2022 Inaugural THANZ International Travel Grant

  • Dr Akbar Dorgalaleh (Iranian Comprehensive Hemophilia Care Center): The relationship between coagulation factor activity level and bleeding severity and quality of life in patients with rare bleeding disorders. We hope Dr Dorgalaleh will be able to attend Blood 2023.

2022 THANZ Travel Grant Winners

  • Christine Lee (JohnLloyd Grant): Procoagulant platelet assay for the diagnosis and monitoring of platelet-activating antibodies in vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) – Australian cohort’
  • Lisa Clarke: Vaccine-induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia post Dose 2 ChAdOx1 nCoV19 vaccination: less severe but not void of catastrophic outcomes
  • Brian Grainger: Characteristics and outcomes of Australian adults with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP): the Melbourne Adult ITP (MA-ITP) Registry
  • Helena Liang: Myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN) patients show increased platelet mitochondrial mass with abnormal distribution and impaired mitochondrial function’
  • Hannah Stevens: Novel Prothrombotic Genetic Variants, TSPAN15 rs78707713 and SLC44A2 rs2288904, are associated with an increased risk of Cancer-associated Thrombosis

2021 THANZ Conference Grant Winners

  • Tina Noutos (John Lloyd Grant): Snakebite associated thrombotic microangiopathy in the Australian Snakebite Project
  • Diane Lovelock: A curious case of heparin resistance
  • Dianne Van der Wal: Storage of apheresis platelets in lipaemic plasma affects aspects of platelet function and surface receptor expression
  • Julie Wang: Overall Haemostatic Potential identifies greater severity of COVID-19 infection
  • Silvia Zheng: Anti-platelet Antibody’s Differential Impact in ITP

2019 THANZ Travel Grant Winners (Aus$1,000 each)

  • Amandeep Kaur (John Lloyd Travel Grant): The ribosomal biogenesis inhibitor CX5461 is an anti-cancer therapeutic that increases platelet count in mice and in human
  • Even Pennell: Acute bilirubin ditaurate exposure attenuates ex vivo platelet reactive oxygen species production, granule exocytosis and activation.
  • Silvia Zheng: Anti-αIIbβIII autoantibodies induce platelet desialylation in immune thrombocytopenia
  • Anneke Vanderham: Viper venom and algorithms: Lupus Anticoagulant Diagnosis in the days of the DOAC
  • Joseph Rigano: Evaluation of DOAC-Stop® to Eliminate the Interference of Direct Oral Anticoagulants on Thrombophilia Assays
  • Dianne Lovelock: Acquired Haemophilia A – a laboratory perspective

2018 THANZ Travel Grant Winners (Aus$1,000 each)

  • Maria Selvadurai (John Lloyd Travel Grant):Targeting the platelet internal membrane reveals a novel approach for improved anti-platelet therapies
  • David Rabolini: An Integrated Approach to Inherited Platelet Disorders: Results from a Research Collaborative, the Sydney Platelet Group
  • James McFadyen: Compression force sensing regulates integrin αIIbβ3 adhesive function on diabetic platelets
  • Yvonne Brennan: Lessons learnt from local real-life experience with idarucizumab for the reversal of dabigatran
  • Helena Liang: Patients with coronary artery disease have increased circulating procoagulant platelets and appear primed to undergo loss of platelet mitochondrial integrity
  • Caroline Reddel: Enhanced fibrinolysis and reduced microvesicles after remote ischaemic preconditioning in non-diabetic coronary artery disease patients

2017 THANZ Travel Grant Winners (Aus$1,000 each)

  • Samantha Monague (John Lloyd Travel Grant): Fibrin-mediated GPVI shedding in patients with trauma or inflammation
  • Jim Tio: miR-494-3p regulates transcription factors Sp1 and STAT5B to modulate haemostatic factor expression
  • Dianne van der Wal: The role of platelet-attached glycans in platelet function
  • Shauna French: A common protease-activated receptor 4 variant causes platelet hyper-reactivity and its blockade is antithrombotic
  • Alyssa Rocchi: 2’OMe oligonucleotides block the miR-494/PROS1 interaction in patients with PS deficiencies
  • Yusrah Harahsheh: Use of thromboelastography to identify patients with acquired coagulopathy at risk of developing thromboembolic events.

2016 THANZ Travel Grant Winners (Aus$1,000 each)

  • Marie-Christine Kopp (John Lloyd Travel Grant): Identification of a new dysfunctional platelet P2Y12 receptor variant in a family with bleeding history
  • Genia Burchall: Aberrant Haemostasis from OCP, but not Metformin use in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Hiu Lam Agnes Yuen: Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) in Patients with Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma (PCNSL) Receiving R-MPV
  • Jasmine Tay: Validation of plasma miR-494-3p and miR-365a-3p expression levels as indicators of thrombotic risk
  • Lette Ginsberg: Diagnostic algorithm in Heparin Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (HITT): review of serotonin release assay results
  • Yenna Chun: MYH9 disorders are not uncommon in Australia and New Zealand: results from a platelet next generation sequencing (NGS) project

2015 THANZ Travel Grant Winners (Aus$1,000 each)

  • Shauna French (John Lloyd Travel Grant): Inhibition of the platelet thrombin receptor, PAR4, impairs platelet procoagulant function and is sufficient to provide an anti-thrombotic effect in human blood
  • Win Lui: MicroRNA-494: a multifaceted regulator of coagulation
  • Leonardo Pasalic: A whole blood assay using a novel cell death marker demonstrates procoagulant platelets are increased in patients with coronary artery disease with differential effects by anti-platelet therapy
  • Jiayin Tian: Oestrogen sensitive microRNAs, a new player in regulating Factor VIII and tissue factor genes during pregnancy
  • Scott McGregor: Comparative effects of rivaroxaban and apixaban on thrombin generation
  • Marliesse Alexander: Biomarkers of thromboembolism in lung cancer

2014 THANZ Travel Grant Winners (AU $1000 each)

  • Justin Hamilton (John Lloyd Travel Grant): PI3KC2a regulates platelet OCS structure and uncovers a novel link between the platelet internal membrane system, adhesive function and thrombus stability.
  • Prahlad Ho: Thrombin generation in the normal population- Impact of age and sex
  • Minh Hua: Platelet activation and procoagulant platelet formation appear to be uncoupled
  • Susan Jarvis: Evaluation of Multiplate whole blood impedance aggregometry in routine investigation of bleeding disorders
  • Prohan Lukito: Ventricular assist devices are associated with loss of platelet receptors
  • James McFayden: Tractopods: Novel platelet membrane anchors promoting platelet-endothelial interactions and thrombo-inflammation

2013 THANZ Travel Grant Winners (Aus$1,000 each)

  • James McFayden (John Lloyd Travel Grant): Tractopods are novel platelet glycoprotein IIbIIIa dependent adhesion strucures that are dysregulated in diabetes and chronic oxidative stress
  • Vincent Chow: Enhanced Coagulation and Reduced Fibrinolytic Potential in Long-term Survivors of Pulmonary Embolism
  • David Connor: The relationship between antiplatelet drug therapy and platelet microparticle formation and procoagulant activity in patients with cardiovascular disease
  • Yusra Harahsheh: The Importance of Bethesda Assays in the diagnosis and monitoring of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP) patients
  • Minh Hua: Necrotic Platelets Play A Role in Occlusive Thrombi
  • Louise Seymour: The KIR2DS5 genotype confers protection against adult Immune Thrombocytopenia

2012 THANZ Travel Grant Winners (Aus$1,000 each)

  • Minh Hua (John Lloyd Travel Grant): Cell Death Imager- 1 Ligands in Apoptotic Platelets
  • Ken Ly: Longitudinal Investigation of the Effect of Centrifugal Continuous Flow Left Ventricular Assist Devices (cfLVADS) on Haemostatic Parameters
  • Gabrielle Pennings: Soluble EMMPRIN is associated with reduced coagulation potential in NSTEMI
  • Carolyn Reddel: Increased Thrombin Generation in a Mouse Model of Cancer Cachexian
  • Jasmine Tay: miR-494 Down regulates Protein S Expression
  • Zane Kaplan: Directed Intravascular Leukocyte Migration: A Distinct Leukocyte Guidance Mechanism Mediated by Platelet Thrombi

2011 THANZ Trvel Grant Winners (Aus$1,000 each)

  • Murray Adams: Impaired Control of the Tissue Factor Pathway in SLE
  • Noel Chan: A Two-Centre (AUS-NZ) Retrospective Audit of Pregnancy Related Venous Thromboembolism (VTE): Failure of Current Guideline to Identify at Risk Patients in the Postpartum Period
  • Tim Ganderton: Mechanism of Lateral Self-Association of Von Willebrand Factor
  • Ming Hua: CDI-1 is a novel marker of platelet apoptosis
  • Jian-Lin Qiao: Analysis of Platelet Receptor Expression in ITP
  • Angus Wong: Development of a Microfluidic Device to Monitor Platelet Aggregation Dynamics and Function in the Context of von Willebrand Disease

2010 THANZ Travel Grant Winners (Aus$1000 each)

  • Reanu Gopal: Thrombin Generation in Mild and Moderate Haemophilia A
  • Eileen Merriman: Prothrombinex-VF for Reversal of Coagulopathy: Efficacy and Safety in Patients with Mechanical Heart Valves
  • Jian-Lin Qiao: A Patient With Myelodysplastic Syndrome And An Acquired Defect In Platelet Response To Collagen Helps Redefine The Signalling Pathway Leading To GPVI Shedding
  • Marc Ramsperger: Molecular characterisation of the immune response to Factor VIII (FVIII) in haemophilia A patients
  • Caroline Reddel: Detection of Hypercoagulability in Coronary Artery Disease Patients using the Overall Haemostatic Potential (OHP) Assay: A Pilot Study
  • Rajiv Subramanian: Hematological spectrum and Clinical Profile of Glanzmann Thrombasthenia in Southern India: Study of 221 patients from a tertiary centre

2009 THANZ Travel Grant Winners (Aus$1000 each)

  • Steve Lazar: Understanding Hospital Physicians Perspectives and Attitudes towards the Implementation of Venous Thrombosis Prophylaxis
  • Marie-Christine Morel-Kopp: Rapid diagnosis of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia by whole blood imdedance aggregometry
  • Tina Noutsas: A Single Institution Experience with Retrievable Inferior Vena Caval Filters
  • Chee Wee Tan: Lepirudin Use and Laboratory Monitoring in Patients on Chronic Haemodialysis with a history of Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia(HIT)
  • Natalie Tjen: Vancomycin induced thrombocytopenia in hospitalised patients
  • Huy Tran: Thrombin Generation and Vitamin K Dependent Procoagulant Factors in Warfarinised Adult Patients

2008 THANZ Travel Grant Winners (Aus$1000 each)

  • Murray Adams: The effect of Capsaicin and Dihydrocapsaicin on blood coagulation and platelet aggregation in vitro
  • Kate Burbury: Warfarin Reversal, for Elective Surgical Procedures, Using Low Dose Intravenous Vitamin K: Impact on Vitamin K-Dependent Factor Levels
  • Lisa Lincz: Endogenous Thrombin Potential (ETP) as a Novel Method for Characterization of Procoagulant Snake Venoms
  • Deepak Singhal: A Report on Acquired haemophilia A in South Australia from 1998 to 2008
  • Peter Tan: The Use of a Prothrombin-Complex Concentrate (Prothrombinex-VF®) in Medical and Surgical Patients – A Review of a Single Institution’s Experience
  • Huy Tran: A single tertiary centre experience with inhibitors in paediatric patients with severe haemophilia

2007 THANZ Travel Grant Winners (Aus$1000 each)

  • Christina Brown: Influence of lepirudin and warfarin on APTT, Ecarin Clotting Time and INR: Implications for laboratory monitoring of patients with heparin induced thrombocytopenia
  • David Connor: Phospholipid-dependent Procoagulant Activity of Platelet-derived Microparticles is Restricted to the Annexin V Binding Subpopulation
  • Jenny Curnow: Reduced Fibrinolysis and Increased Fibrin Generation is seen in Patients with Thrombotic Complications of Pregnancy Compared with Normal Pregnancy
  • Caroline Moraes: A Rapid Automated Technique to Detect Platelet Activation in Plasma
  • Beatrice Mui: Platelet Function Testing using a modified cone and plate assay on the Diamed Impact-R
  • Helen Weston: Comparison of the PFA-100 Assay with Von Willebrand Testing in the Laboratory Assessment of Response to DDAVP in Coagulation and Platelet Disorders

2006 TANZH Travel Grant Winners (Aus$1000 each)

  • Vanessa Cole: The molecular characterisation of a proteini S deficient pedigree
  • Ashley Ng: A review of TTP at the Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • Lay Tay: A comparative study of different methods of monitoring LMWH

2005 THANZ Travel Grant Winners (Aus$750 each)

  • Dolly Daniel: International normalised ratios measured at home with a point of care device diverge from hospital laboratory results when starting Warfarin
  • Emma Perrin: A comparison of Enoxaparin and unfractionated Heparin in combination with Tirofiban during percutaneous coronary intervention: Effects on inhibition of coagulation and activation of platelets
  • Linda Saravanan: Afibrinogenaemia due to a compound heterozygosity for two termination events in the Aα chain

2004 THANZ Travel Grant Winners (Aus$1000 each)

  • Karen Allan: Activated seven lupus anticoagulant method development
  • Murray Adams: The tissue factor pathway in ischaemic stroke patients
  • Kate Maslen: Measurement of soluble P – selectin and soluble CD40 ligand in serum and plasma
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