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Barry Firkin Orators

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Shaun Jackson: Musings of a Firkin Mentee

Below: Shaun presenting the Oration and with THANZ President, Chee Wee Tan.


Robert Andrews: Platelet receptors: expression, function and shedding

Abstract by Robert Andrews
Below: Rob was presented with the BF award by THANZ President, Chee Wee Tan


John Eikelboom: The future of oral anticoagulant therapy

Abstract by John Eikelboom
Below: John being presented with the Barry Firkin award virtually by Claire McLintock and Chee Wee Tan


John Rowell: Haemophilia care- from uncertainty to optimism

Abstract by John Rowell
Below: John Rowell with THANZ President Eileen Merriman


Paul Monagle: Coagulation and clotting in children: Medicine of the future, or the future of medicine

Abstract by Paul Monagle
Below: Paul Monagle receives the Barry Firkin Award from Eileen Merriman


Emanuel Favaloro: Well within 6 degrees of separation: From ristocetin to collagen binding and beyond

Abstract by Emmanuel Favaloro
Below: Emmanuel Favaloro with THANZ Vice President, Joanne Joseph


Phillip Hogg: A New Level of Control of Thrombosis

Abstract by Phillip Hogg
Below: Phillip Hogg with ASTH President, Harshal Nandurkar


Rob Medcalf: Fibrinolysis without fibrin

Abstract by Rob Medcalf
Below: Rob Medcalf with Jenny Curnow


Hatem Salem: The man behind the oration

Abstract by Hatem Salem
Below: Hatem Salem with Jenny Curnow


Alison Street: What a difference Thirty Years Makes

Abstract by Alison Street
Below: Alison Street


Yukio Ozaki: Novel Platelet Functions Beyond Hemostasis

Abstract by Yukio Ozaki
Below: 2012 Barry Firkin Orator Yukio Ozaki


Beng H Chong: HIT and MIST: The FOG has lifted on Platelets

Abstract by Beng Chong
Below: 2011 Barry Firkin Orator Beng Chong


Paul Ockelford: The Tale of a Journeyman Clot(ter)

Abstract by Paul Ockelford
Below: 2010 Barry Firkin Orator Paul Ockelford with Claire McLintock


John Fletcher: Guidelines for Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis- Complexity, Confusion, Controversy

Abstract by John Fletcher
Below:2009 Barry Firkin Orator John Fletcher


Alex Gallus: Evidence-based Medicine: Wish-fulfilment or Search for Excellence?

Below: 2008 Barry Firkin Orator Alex Gallus (left) with Chris Ward


John Lloyd: Life as a Clot

Below: 2007 Barry Firkin Orator John Lloyd (left) with Mark Smith


Ted Tuddenham: The FVIII Story

Report on the 2006 Barry Firkin Oration by ASTH Council President, Mark Smith
Below: 2006 Barry Firkin Orator Ted Tuddenham (left) with Mark Smith


Peter Castaldi: The Man and His Legacy

Abstract by Peter Castaldi
Below: From left James Wiley, Peter Castaldi and Hatem Salem


Michael C. Berndt: Ristocetin – What have we learnt?

Abstract by Michael C. Berndt
Below: Inaugural Barry Firkin Orator Michael Berndt with Hatem Salem

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